Memorial Aftercare©

The complete and comprehensive maintenance service for your memorial – available in the following plans:

1 Year Plan

3 Year Plan

Each plan includes 3 visits per year every 4 months after installation.

Memorial Aftercare© is a service that provides fully comprehensive maintenance for your loved one’s memorial. We ensure complete peace of mind that the memorial is thoroughly checked, cleaned and cared for.

Existing Memorials

Before we can put together a Memorial Aftercare© plan for you, we will first make a no-obligation assessment of the current condition of the memorial. Any necessary refurbishment to bring the memorial back to a good state of repair must be completed before an Aftercare plan starts.

No-obligation assessment of the memorial condition

Requirement of works report submitted*

Refurbishment work carried out*

Aftercare plan started

*only if the memorial requires refurbishment, restoration or re-leveling

Maintenance team cutting grass around memorial and burial plot in a cemetery
Painting on a clean memorial headstone

New Memorials

New memorials can have a Memorial Aftercare© put in place immediately. For either 1 year or 3 year plans the maintenance visits will commence 4 months after the memorial is installed.

Memorial installed

Aftercare plan starts immediately

Untidy and poorly maintained grey gravestone in a cemetery

Headstone before Memorial Aftercare©

Clean and well maintained grey gravestone in a cemetery

Headstone after Memorial Aftercare©

Dirty full set memorial with grass on surface and badly maintained

Large memorial before Memorial Aftercare©

Clean and tidy full set memorial after maintenance service

Large memorial after Memorial Aftercare©

Memorial Aftercare© – What We Do

Each Aftercare visit includes the following:

Grass strimmer trimming lawn surrounding a headstone in a cemetery

Grass & Weeds

Grass trimed and cleared from the space around the memorial.

Maintenance team member using a gentle brush and soapy water to clean a headstone in a cemetery

Professional Clean

A full professional clean using a variety careful, specialist methods to suit the type of memorial and inscriptions.

Member of maintenance team using a scraper with special formula to remove stubborn dirt from a granite memorial in a cemetery

Deposit Removal

Removal of bird fouling and other subborn deposits.

Member of memorial maintenance team using a spirit level on the side of a headstone to ensure it's straight

Condition & Stability

Inspect, check and assess the condition and stability of the memorial including any re-levelling that may be required.

Member of memorial maintenance team cleaning a granite flower container with soft brush and soapy water


Removal of any tired flowers or floral tributes and emptying of stale water from flower containers.

Memorial maintenance team member holding a paper report of works carried out next to granite headstone in a cemetery

Aftercare Visit Report

Report after each visit with photographs of work carried out.


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